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Talkback: Wilting wisteria: an update

I waited 7 years for a flower and during the 8th year vine weevil killed the plant!


  • I have collected seed from a friends plant - any advice on how and when to plant the seeds please?
  • I am surprised your wisteria took 7 years to flower as rule buy grafted plants not seed raised and they should flower the year. We bought Wisteria floribunda Alba from http// and it flowered in the first year.
  • what is the ideal pH number for your soil when growing vegetables please, I am a new boy at this allotment lark
  • I bought this house in 1987 and found to my delight a very old Wisteria which divided the flower end of the garden from the "veg plot" It has flowered beautifully ever since, only once getting nipped by the frost but came back in its second flowering [do they all flower twice a year?] Today I have spent all morning clearing up after the heavy rain and strong winds. Sadly my lovely Wisteria has suffered with a couple of branches almost down to the ground so I have been giving it a good "pruning" [fingers crossed not too hard]
  • I wrote and told you how my 25yr old wisteria plant was fading, well, I put a whole grow bag in the bottom of the site of the plant and amazingly it seems to be back on track again!
  • Dear All

    I have recently removed a Wisteria for a client which became very sick and wilted last year just as the flowers where coming to their peak. Reading all the comments in the original post last year it becomes apparent in most cases that this diease occurred just after or during lowering which leads to think that it seems likely to have entered via the flowers (similar to Fireblight) maybe from pollen transfered by bees from an infected plant.

    My client and I decided to leave the plant and see if it managed a recovery but this year it is totally dead and just he rootstock has started to grow. That would seem to indicate that the roots are fine although it concurs entirely with the RHS letter as the plant is clearly dead right down to the graft point. As many of you will know there no real point in letting the rootstock grow as it will not flower well, being used only for it's vigorous root growth. So it's all gone now!

    Growing the seed from wisteria is not really advisable as after a few years you almost certain to get a plant which produces very little flower and maybe even quite poor growth. Really it's job for Nurserymen to select good flowering stock and graft it to vigorous rootstocks to produce a strong plant with plenty of flowers. I don't know waht they use as a rootstock though? I guess you could be lucky and produce a new colour from seed but it will still need grafting, quite possible but it needs a great deal of patience and is a big gamble in time.

    Keep growing
  • I'm a novice Wisteria grower. I bought 2 6ft ones this spring and they've been growing brilliantly. I watered every day but not the last couple of weeks due to the rain. Today the leaves are all going brown, should I just turn on the hosepipe???????
  • Wisteria like all legumes (Fabaceae), require a neutral pH, moist, fertile and well drained soil. So ground preparation is a must before planting these beautiful climbing plants.
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