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cactus problem

YnneadYnnead Posts: 230
Hi my cactus is looking a bit bad. Not sure about the brown marks and think the nuisance pest mouse might have tried chewing on it. It's also a bit top heavy. Can I do anything to help it so its more stable in the pot?


  • Unless you have lifted it out of it's usual pot just to take the photo, it would appear to have rather a lot of roots showing and very little growing medium - ie it isn't planted deeply enough.
    Impossible to see the pot - plastic or ceramic ? - or to tell whether it has adequate drainage.
    The best way is to use decent Cactus compost which is free draining, plant deeply enough to ensure the stem is below the soil level and some  grit to top up. 
  • YnneadYnnead Posts: 230
    edited August 2021
    Hi thanks for he reply. I didnt lift it out of the usual pot. The compost is a cactus compost in the pot and the pot is plastic with holes in the bottom. I had ordered grit from t&m but useless so getting some from ebay.
    I think I will try planting it deeper.
    p.s please excuse the messy windowsill.

  • Messy windowsill ?  What messy windowsill ?  Looks a bit like mine  :D
    You obviously have other cacti/succulents so know what you are doing.  Good luck with the problem one anyway :)
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