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Cordeline or something else with problems?

SilviSherrSilviSherr Stockton-On-TeesPosts: 63
I’m new-ish to gardening. When we moved here in December we inherited some greenery but I struggle to determine what all of it is. I think these ones are Cordeline and they are NOT in the best of health. Could someone advice me please? 
Also if the trees are not diseased could I use the leaves to make Leafmould?
Any help be much appreciated 

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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,960
    Yes - Cordyline, although Yuccas can look very similar, so it could be that, but judging from your location, it's more likely to be the former as yukkas aren't reliably hardy other than in the south, and in warmer , sheltered areas. 
    Those lower leaves will gradually die off, and can be removed right back at the main trunk. That's perfectly normal for their growth habit. They grow taller by losing those bottom leaves. 
    The damaged ones at the top will just be from weather. Again, nothing much to worry about. They can be removed if they become annoying to look at  ;)
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  • SilviSherrSilviSherr Stockton-On-TeesPosts: 63
    @Fairygirl thank you. 
    I wasn’t sure about the brown/dropping leaves. Like I said I simply don’t know enough about the plants/shrubs and trees which are already in this Garden
    Loam wasn’t build in a day 🌻
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