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Veg bed planning

Any ideas to help me organise my veg beds better? At the moment they are a bit random, they have various lettuce and mangetout and squash across all three. Also land cress, chives, garlic, some mint, fish mint and dahlia in there.

If I clear all of them out this winter, does this sound like a good plan for beds 1,2 and 3? This picture isn’t my beds, from the internet but for illustrative purposes, mine are in raised brick beds. I can grow mint in pots, most have been removed. But I need to squeeze garlics and chives in too. Land cress has been a bit rubbish in there. Does this sound ok? I’m going to collect all my strawberries into one bed so I can cover them from birds.


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    I suggest you have a look at the RHS pages on crop rotation as there is a tried and tested system of following crop groups one after the other according to when the soil has been manured/limed/just weeded as different groups have different requirements.

    If you space your strawberries well you can grow the spring onions and lettuce in gaps between the strawberries since they are a plant that grows and crops on a 3 year cycle of their own, they ideally need their own bed for 3 years and you plant out runners in the 2nd or 3rd year in a new bed to maintain cropping.

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  • Can I plant red barron onion sets in winter for next year many thanks 
  • thanks @Obelixx I think it’s going to be trial and error. I can’t tell how old my strawberry plants are so will see if they’re better next year in one patch or if squirrels still get to them. 
  • you need a good book on subject.
    to bad there very few good books
    on vegetable garden planning.
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    @Sandraallott - it might be better to start a new thread for your query where people who could help will see it  :)
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