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Leatherjackets or cutworms?

Hi - can anyone help me identify these?


We have a fox in our garden who keeps tearing up our lawn to eat them. This was the crop from about 20cm2. I asked Greenthumb to come over and check the lawn and he came and told my wife the fox was eating ants (and left without even cutting into the lawn to have a look). 

Assuming leatherjackets has anyone found an effective way of keeping it under control?


  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 4,098
    Leatherjackets, there is a nematode that you can use if you don't want the chemical route. The local starlings will eat them if you have any around. 
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    Thanks allotment boy. The starlings aren't the problem, its an enthusiastic fox who tears up the lawn. I have bought today two movement detecting sprays that you attach to your hose. It will blast water at the hungry fox. I will try the nematodes in September.
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