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Can you grow an Umbrella Plant oustide? (UK)

hi - I'm based in the south west - my Umbrella plant has been outside since May - and has been doing well. I'm wondering whether it'd survive the winter if I planted it outside? as I say, I live in the south west - so we never get really cold weather. my garden is fairly sheltered - and I plan to plant it against a wall - so that should provide some cover from heavy winds etc

what do you reckon guys?



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,130
    I came across this - 

    How hardy are schefflera? There are now many instances where Schefflera taiwaniana has survived -10°C in the UK. Our S. alpina grows in a frost pocket and has been unscathed by cold easterly winds in the early spring. S. macrophylla coped perfectly well with the last cold winter in 2012. Wind protection seems more important than frost protection. Yes these are wonderful greenhouse plants if your greenhouse is large enough but, at least in milder UK counties, these are proving to be perfectly hardy outdoor trees.

    from here-

    Billericay - Essex

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    There are quite a few plants that are known as umbrella plants - do you know which one yours is? If not, post a photo so we can answer based on the right plant.

    My 'umbrella plant' is Cyperus alternifolius and I grow it in and by my pond. It is not reliably hardy everywhere, but is fine here. The late frost hit it harder this year than it has been hit before, but it's still alive.
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  • hi there - apologies for the tardniness of the reply!

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    There are hardy Schefflera, but the type usually grown as a houseplant isn't hardy. It might survive a mild winter if you're in a coastal area but a few degrees of frost might kill it off.
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