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Clivia - help / suggestions please?

Please can someone give me a suggestion / help on this.
Leaves are drooping so I took a look at the roots and they seemed ok.  Decided to leave in same pot and soil.  Thought I would bottom water instead, say 20-25 mins.  Nothing has changed after 2 weeks.  Should I completely repot in a smaller pot with different soil?  Should I stop watering for a while?

Thank you.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,553
    How does the soil feel? They should not be sitting on damp soggy soil. Limp leaves are normally either too wet or too dry. Normally, they don't require a lot of watering at all, provided it is positioned somewhere out of the sun, preferably in a north facing aspect. Some soils can form a heavy crust if watered inconsistently, so watering may not be wetting all parts of the soil, and this can also be an issue. 
  • JJnoviceJJnovice Posts: 4

    Thank you for your reply.  The soil was damp but not overly so.  Do you think I should stop watering for a couple of weeks?  Also, do you think bottom watering is a good idea with this plant?  I am so worried about over watering it.  Not sure if the soil is correct because when I water from top the water just seems to sit on the soil before it soaks down.  I don't really want to repot it as I understand they don't like to be disturbed?  It's not in direct sunlight.

    Thank you.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,553
    If the water sits around before sinking in the soil may need a bit of topping up or adding new soil. I would stop watering and top dress a new layer of compost. It’s always difficult to know how to treat it if the plant is not in your care before. If no improvement after a few weeks, I would sink the whole pot into a bucket of water to get water into all parts of the soil and let it drain off and see what happens afterwards. 

    I water from the base for my house plants. My father used to grow loads of Clivias, and he did not give them special soil. They did not need much watering in the winter but watered a bit more in the summer. He never fed them and without fail, they always flowered every year. They do prefer cooler rooms.
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