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The free packet of Cosmos seeds grew strong healthy looking plants but none of them have flowers. Can anyone tell me why? 


  • They do take a long time to flower. Our seeds were planted around two months ago and the plants are now around five feet tall and the first flower buds are just about ready to open.  I will make a note to start them off in February or March next year. I do love their foliage though. It is a great addition to the border in itself een without the flowers.
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    I am also disappointed with my cosmos from seed. Pinched out the top and it didn't "bush out", it just grew 2 flowers from the top bit. One of which has been deadheaded, so maybe it'll bush out when I deadhead the 2nd one. Although someone might be along to tell me I've done it all wrong and should have cut the plant in half right down to the first pair of leaves from the base.
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    The answer's in the soil, to coin a phrase.  I put the best of mine in what I thought was the best position.   I bunged the rest wherever there was a space. The bunged are lush and healthy and will flower - eventually. Even the ones in partial shade.The favoured ones have flowered a bit but look scrawny.
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    We've grown cosmos for many years, they are one of our favourite flowers. We never pinch out the tops as we like them that little bit taller and when planted out in a block, they swish about in the breeze , make a stunning display and the bees love them. However, ours have been awful this year, although all normal steps were taken, so I think the funny weather we have had this year, has a lot to answer for. We always sow seeds in March and normally have a full display by now. Not a lot of ours have flowered at all. this year. 
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    Nor mine ,I blame the weather
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    Same here 🙁
    Ours are usually 4ft tall and full of flowers by now. This year the tallest is maybe 18” and only one flower open and very few buds. They don’t seem to have grown at all since planted out. Similar story with our sunflowers.

    I haven’t done anything differently so can only assume it’s the weather
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  • Thank you all for your comments. I will put it down to the weather then.
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    It's the main reason seed sowing is often very hit and miss here. Climate is more difficult, so the timing is too, and whatever happens afterwards, if germination goes well, depends on how favourable the weather is.  :)
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    I sowed Cosmos into seed tray April 14th, pricked them out into 3 inch pots May 10th, sowed more Cosmos from packet in magazine May 13th, planted Cosmos into garden June 12th, now flowering and full of buds.
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    Ive grown Cosmos "Klondyke" this year,I wanted to avoid pink. Not only are the flowers the size of Geums,but the foliage is totally different from the White ones,which are ferny foliaged. I expected the big saucer type flowers,but very disappointed.
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