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Help identify this willow tree

Do any of you recognise this willow tree? We planted it last summer but this summer it has grown so much and I can’t find where I’ve left the plant label! 

It seems to be growing rapidly outwards but has barely gained any height at all. 

I’ve included pictures of the tree, new growth (with the whiter hairier leaves) and then the older growth which doesn’t have hair on either side. 

Apologies for the sideways pictures!

Any advice on how to care for it and prune it would also be much appreciated! 

Thanks in advance!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,154
    It looks like a Kilmarnock and these are usually a weeping form grafted on to a rootstock at the neck.  It will never grow very much higher but will gradually produce a crown which is more and more dense.  They can produce catkins in spring but otherwise just have dull, matt foliage till autumn when it may go a bit yellow before dropping off.

    They need shelter from strong winds to stop the graft being weakened; plenty of water especially in hot dry spells, and pruning consists of shortening the stems when/if they reach the ground so you don't trip over them and/or thinning stems in late autumn/early winter to reduce weight in gales.

    Even well tended Kilmarnocks can be short-lived and they just to dry up or keel over with no notice after a few years.  Then you can plant something interesting.
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