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Standard Rose

I would like to replace my Standard Rose with another one, 2 questions, is it OK to put another rose in the same place? and when is the best time to do it?, probably will be a potted rose not a bare root,


  • PianoplayerPianoplayer Posts: 624
    Hi - I've never done this, but from reading others' experience on the rose thread, if your current rose has been in for more than a couple of years, then you will get replant disease. There are various ways of reducing it here:

    I think potted roses will be on sale for another couple of months before bare root season starts, so you could do it any time. The only challenge is watering consistently during any further heat waves!
  • widgetwilk annwidgetwilk ann Posts: 355
    edited July 2021
    Thank you interesting article, good idea about the cardboard box, was going to  remove most of the soil which is in the bed, thankfully it is only a small bed.
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