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Peas - when to pick?

Steady EddieSteady Eddie SurreyPosts: 59
I have grown peas for the first time this year (Douce Provence) and have pods appearing.
How do I know when to pick them?


  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,597
    When you can see peas the size that you prefer in the pods, definitely before the pods lose their smooth shell and go rough, if in doubt open a pod and taste the peas, the ripe pods do come off the plant with a pop when they are perfect.
  • Steady EddieSteady Eddie SurreyPosts: 59
    Thank you, that’s very helpful 
  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 1,888
    I feel the pods and if they still have a softness then they aren't ready. If they feel very solid then ready to pick.
    If the pod is browning then the peas really have to be picked and probably soaked in water to make them plim up again.
    I never liked peas as a child (school meals!!!) but when we started to grow our own...well what a difference.
  • Steady EddieSteady Eddie SurreyPosts: 59
    Thank you. I am looking forward to my first homegrown peas and wanted to pick them at their best.
  • nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 1,240
    When you've had all you think you'll have from this crop, if you're happy with the variety, carefully examine the vines as you dismantle the row to see if you've missed any pods.  In all likelihood, they'll be far too far gone to eat but, if you place the pods on a tray to dry, once they're brown shell them and keep the contents to provide next year's seed.  They must be kept dry until needed, and the best place I've found is on the floor of the airing cupboard/hot press, either on a tray or in a paper bag - not plastic or they'll 'sweat'.
  • Steady EddieSteady Eddie SurreyPosts: 59
    oooh I hadn’t thought to do that. Thank you
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