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Diascia Hopleys

Hi, does anyone grow this. Is it hardy and flowers for as long as they say? 




  • RubyRossRubyRoss Posts: 124
    edited July 2021
    I planted it last year and it's flowering impressively for the past month with no end in sight. Next year, I will cut it back in Spring because it grew too big for my space. The winter was pretty mild so can't say how it would cope with a hard freeze
  • Great, thank you. Looking forward to seeing it flower. 
  • I grew it for several years but lost it this winter. I like it a lot but the pink is not clear, more dirty, so I found it difficult to place until I partnered it with Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies' as the flowers have a pink base.
  • Thanks for your help. 
  • RubyRossRubyRoss Posts: 124
    I also cut some flowers for a vase and found it rooted in water so I hope that's going to work out as a way to create back-up plants
  • Ok thanks, that's handy to know. 
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