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When is the best time to sow wild flower seeds. ?


  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,210
    What sort of wild flowers are you planning to sow?  Do you want to sow them direct (as in a wild flower meadow), or would you prefer to grow little plants and put them in their final positions later?

    Native flower seeds would naturally sow themselves in autumn, in soil still warm after summer sun.  Many need light to germinate; some (such as poppies) need disturbed soil.  Some, like yellow rattle, need a cold period before they will germinate, and need sowing in autumn to grow the following spring.

    I sowed patches of wild flowers, including yellow rattle, in bare areas of soil I'd created in the back lawn, last October.  There was pretty good germination this spring.  But I also sowed a few seeds of each sort of flower in pots as backup - some in autumn, most in spring.  Then I planted them out when they were big enough to compete with the grass, where there were gaps.
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  • I was thinking directly in a border. But i like the idear of planting in pots. Thank you for your reply. I would get a wildflower mix. I have tried before, but wasnt a success.
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