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Lupin Maintenance

I'm at the point of removing my lupins as they look such a mess at this time of year. I am still getting new flowers and I do dead head but they look so scruffy when they are past their best. I get a great show in the spring and early summer.
Part of the problem is they are in a bed which slopes upwards and you get a good view of the underside of the plant, if it was a top view it wouldn't be so bad. Last year I had a run in with aphids.

Am I doing something wrong? Could I cut them to the ground now? Could I dig up, split the plants and keep some, either in the ground, or pots for planting out next year?

Advice please?


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 754
    I’ve quite often cut them right back, then given them plenty of water and a feed, and had a fresh flush of growth but I don’t get more flowers. I’ve never split them, I think they have a strong central root rather than a clump of fibrous ones. To propagate them I’d take cuttings in the Spring. 
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