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Gardening learning resources? 🌱

FireFire Posts: 18,965
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Which gardening learning sources do you favour? I'm thinking of podcasts, video makers, blogs, course curators, magazines. That kind of thing. Wise bods for ongoing learning.

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Right now I'm curious if there are any great podcasts that offer insights. I've listened to a good many but none that I have found worth keeping up with.




  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,010
    TBH, I'm so busy with trying to get the garden in some sort of order - former pasture and farmyard so a challenge - and the house too and then all the sewing and patch activity that I just watch Beechgrove and GW, noodle on here to glean info or consult the RHS site and, very occasionally other websites for something specific if I can't find it amongst the wealth of info and help on here.

    Don't have time to watch videos or listen to podcasts altho I do occasionally play Geoff H CDs when I'm doing a big sewing project.  Endless inspiration.
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  • I thoroughly enjoy Gardeners' Corner on BBC Radio Ulster and I often learn the odd nugget of information whilst listening to GQT. All heard as podcasts.
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