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Salvia amethyst lips sending out suckers?

AmyB.AmyB. Posts: 8
Hi forumites

I purchased the new salvia amethyst lips, last year. I placed this in a pot along with the normal hot lips. However, this year I've noticed there seem to be a number of what I can only describe as suckers of the amethyst list lips appearing around the edge of the pot.

Does anyone know if this is normal for salvias as I've not seen salvias send out suckers before and if not does anyone know if this is something that happens with amethyst lips, and whether these will be true to colour?

Or is it a weird phenomenon only observed at Casa AmyB?


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,454
    It does happen, sometimes l give them a sharp tug and they come away with roots. Instant cutting success :) .
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,926
    It's normal for some of them. Nachtvlinder is the worst culprit in my garden. I wonder if suckering tends to go with the gene for purple. I would leave some in - it makes the pot look nice and full. But be on the lookout if you plant any in the ground. I would separate the hot lips and give it its own pot, or it might get swamped.
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