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What do you do to keep cool and comfortable in the hot weather?



  • FireFire LondonPosts: 10,916
    I have very deeply mulched my pots and raised beds in wood chip. So I am keeping cool by not having to water the garden. Or move.
  • stephentamestephentame Southwest EnglandPosts: 243
     I soak my sun hat in water, then keep it in the freezer till I put it on...
  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 18,626
    I feel my fillings starting to ache just reading that.😬
    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 3,996
    Flip flops and shorts. Generally moving about with the speed of a sloth. I rarely break a sweat actually. Slowing everything down comes extremely natural to me 😝
  • SuesynSuesyn South Somerset Posts: 445
    I'm still waiting for it to get too hot! 
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 29,133
    Suesyn said:
    I'm still waiting for it to get too hot! 
    Me too. 
    "hot" starts at 40C
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 6,529
    Rem33,my neighbours don't ever open either their bedroom or lounge blinds,or windows,not in 10 years,i think that's weird,what are they hiding in there! Yesterday, however for a little while,blinds were pulled up! You can see they have the lights on,our properties were identical but ours is still open plan,so theirs is now really dark,who has lights on,in the day in the soon as they go away and someone "house sits" the windows are flung open.
  • SuesynSuesyn South Somerset Posts: 445
    About 36c is pleasantly warm for me @Hostafan1, over 42c is getting at bit hot. We were once in outback NSW at Christmas time and it was 44-5c, that was hot. We spent all day up to our necks in the swimming pool. A week later we were in Victoria and it was so cold at night I had to go and buy some bedsocks to be able to sleep. 
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen Spain.Posts: 5,024
    Having emerged from an extended afternoon siesta, a cold outdoor shower early evening is a fabulous way to cool down, don’t bother drying yourself, just don a cool cotton waffle robe,  pour yourself a generously iced G&T with a large slice of lemon and sit in the shade. Miss out the G if you are a TT, just tonic water is really refreshing, but no slimline please, ugh!

    Easy to rig up a shower with a hose and lance attachment, add a beach windbreak or similar for temporary screening if you don’t want to frighten the neighbours 😱 
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Isle of WightPosts: 2,387
    edited 19 July
    No knickers here,I wear a very long dress!  ;)
    Just have to remember them if I go into town just in case I fall over or a sudden breeze occurs!!!!!  :o

    (I have forgotten in the past!)
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