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What to plant in full sun

I want to create some sort of screen between the dining are and the garden. This spot gets sun most of the day. I was thinking about planting tree ferns and the other plants around to create eventually impact and interest with different heights and textures. Not sure if if this would be suitable or not and not sure what to plant that will achieve this and survive the full sun? 


  • Sorry to say but my tree ferns needed a dappled shady area to thrive. The roots are mostly in the stem I’m told, so keeping them growing well would be difficult in full sun. Valerie 
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    Tree ferns don't like full sun. You would do better to plant a selection of flowering shrubs and maybe a small tree such as a crab apple or an amalanchier.
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    Damp, humid conditions are best for tree ferns, rather than just sitting in full sun. Not how they would grow naturally, so they would be unlikely to thrive. 
    Plenty of other trees/shrubs will suit, but everything will need well watered until established, especially if they're being planted at this time of year.  :)
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  • Angel's Trumpet, Agave, Bamboo, Banana, Canna, Lantana, shasta daisy, coreopsis, purple coneflower, blanket flower, butterfly weed and lavender etc. are some of the plants that you grow in full sun.
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    What is the soil like?
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  • The soil is clay-ish and anything seems to grow least before we put the lawn as it was a jungle. 
    I am not an expert but I think that is the type of soil.
  • I would like to achieve some height without being to compacted hence I was going away from hedge like plants. 
  • This image here shows kind of the look I am going for…. It is screening without being too busy and it has different heights. I know these plants are well stablished and I don’t like the spikes of the reds used here . I would like something softer and not that tall.?
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    Try potted bamboo You can plant them in the ground but they are very invasive , pop up all over the place . I understand that there is a type of bamboo now that is not so invasive but I don’t know what it is called. Bamboo grows quite tall and sounds lovely when a breeze blows through it.
  • Thank you. I think it could be the Fargesia Rufa. So will this grow ok in both full sun? 
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