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My local council is once more unable to collect garden waste (July 2021). My question is, as one without a motor vehicle and dependent on council waste collections, what to do. There is a lot on what *not* to do, but very little on what *to* do. The standard answer is "make compost" but this requires a balance of ingredients, so not really a way of disposing of waste. As there is no prospect of an end to the pandemic (sic) a long-term approach is needed, so as not to need council waste collections from suburban gardens. What changes are possible within the limits imposed by the eternal pandemic, for those without motor vehicles? One could brainstorm solutions, e.g. not have gardens, compact the waste into bricks somehow, etc.


  • jrs.idxjrs.idx Posts: 5
    I didn't want this "in the potting shed" - I don't know how it got there.
  • B3B3 South East LondonPosts: 22,835
    What does your garden waste consist of mostly?

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  • Don't worry about it being in the potting shed, most people click on recent discussions so they will see it anyway.
    My first collection of green waste was not until April 1st this year, and it was full before then so I put the surplus in the general waste bin. Not ideal, but I don't know of a better solution.
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    Do you have neighbours that don’t produce much garden waste, who would let you put some of yours in their garden waste bin until the council resumes collection ? We do this down our road, as some people have lots of patio, decking etc and few plants or lawn.

    otherwise as AlanClarke2, suggests, put it in the general waste bin.

    My council is very good, but they’ve started charging extra for the service for new housing developments. No doubt it will be applied across the city in due course.
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,509
    Don't worry about getting the perfect balance of ingredients to make compost. Nature doesn't bother and everything rots down eventually. Just bung in whatever you have and let the bugs and microbes do their stuff.
  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,567
    When you say that your council is unable to collect green waste, is this a temporary suspension? 
    I know some councils are having difficulty in finding enough drivers at the moment. 

    Depending on how much green and "ordinary" waste your household is producing, l would put it in the ordinary waste and if possible get together with your neighbours to share it out. Not everyone has the room or inclination for a compost bin, so l doubt you are alone. To take it to the tip, you'd really want to collect enough to justify the journey, which may take a while. 
    I wonder if anyone on Freecycle would be happy to take green waste for their compost bin ?
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 9,833
    If the Council say they can't collect, is this a temporary or permanent situation? They should give some guidance of what people should to do meanwhile. I rather think green waste in the general waste bin is frowned upon.
    Your best bet is to do what Steephill says and just compost it yourself, either just in a heap or in a bin. You can add paper and cardboard to make up your 'brown' layers, it will all rot down eventually. If you have hedges and a lawn, you can spread your lawn cuttings underneath the hedge as a mulch. 
  • jrs.idxjrs.idx Posts: 5
    Thanks to those who have commented. Well, they have done the collection after all, much to my relief. However, I expect there will be intermittent problems from now on, so alternatives will be needed.
  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Tyne & Wear Green Belt Posts: 1,602
    We've found one of those "cheaper than a skip" services who will come and take away garden waste for a small fee (normally £20 if he's already in the area and it's not too big an amount).

  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,127
    Just watch that the "cheaper than a skip " service is not one of those who take your money, assure you they will dispose of correctly and then dump anywhere other than a Recycle Centre.
    They do seem to be on the increase these days.
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