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Side of driveway- ideas please?

So this small area next to the drive and the thin patch running against the slabs originally had bark chipping and small gravel in. Over time it’s blown away and now just covered with weeds☹️

I’m unsure what to do with the area. I like the lavender bush look but do I use slate/gravel/bark and also how much would I need to order ? I think it measured 5.42m x 1.02m wide.

Also how do I treat the area before replanting to make sure it’s all cleaned up ?

any ideas welcomed🙂


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,968
    I think your lavender bushes will be pummeled by whoever is riding circled around your driveway on their bike or scooter.  And I bet that ground/soil is all hardpack rocks and such, for the laying of the drive and sidewalk.  Would you considered a bit of a raised bed?  Like where the yellow rectangle is in this screenshot.

    Spray the entire area with round-up (not the extended coverage type).. then wait a few weeks for all the weeds to die.  Use a shovel to dig down a bit the best you can.  Put down a quality thick weed membrane in the parts not under the raised bed and cover in cracked rock or large slate chunks.  Don't go for small rocks, they will end up all over your drive and sidewalk, and it becomes a cat litter box.  Use a few stacked sleepers and build a raised bed filled with some good soil.  Lavender would be fine, but you could also a few a low maintenance evergreens suitable for that area.  It just depends on how much effort you want to give the space.  
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  • Nic75Nic75 Posts: 3
    Yes - that’s a point. We don’t have a vehicle and so my drive is a regular play spot for all the kids nearby!

    Hadn’t thought about raised beds but will keep that in mind - Thankyou
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,605
    Is it in sun or shade,?
  • Nic75Nic75 Posts: 3
    It’s north facing so catches most sun morning and afternoon 
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,966
    The tiny narrow bit is hardly worth bothering with, and would be better just filled in with gravel or even a strip of mortar with gravel set into it, but you could plant something like cotoneaster on the other bit. No fuss, no attention needed, and will cope with any abuse. There are different types, so pick a prostrate, evergreen one if possible. Some of the lower growing Hebes would be fine too. Lots of choices, but the smaller leaved types are a bit tougher. Again- easy to maintain. 
    I don't think lavender is the best choice for something like that either. Not robust enough. 
    You'd need to prep the ground a bit first though, or it just makes it harder for plants to establish well. Get rid of the weeds - dig out or use a weedkiller - dig it over once they're gone,  add a bit of compost to get it a bit healthier, and then plant up. Keep well watered until established. Gravel is ideal for the gaps until then, but not pea gravel  - a decent sized one for the reasons given already.
    If you have kids constantly playing there, it's not worth spending a lot of time and money. Personally, I wouldn't let all and sundry play on my driveway, but that's really up to you whether you're happy with that  :)
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