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Help! Elephant ear houseplant not doing great

jess493jess493 Posts: 3
My elephant ear plant has seen better days. Bought it April last year and it did well in my sunny living room until November when we got a kitten so all plants had to be moved out of his reach (he will destroy anything green). 

It spent several months in the office where I think it suffered from a combination of bitter cold (single glazed Victorian attic flat), lack of light and overwatering. Most of the leaves yellowed to the extreme so I had to cut them off, leaving just two stems. 

Finally, realising it likes humidity, I moved it to the bathroom in about April, where it seems to have fared a bit better and has produced two new stems. One of these has just a brown shrivelled scabby bit for a leaf, and doesn’t seem to be doing anything now. One of the other older stems has now started wilting badly. 

It’s looking very neglected and sorry. Thinking I need to add more soil to the pot as possibly too much of the base is exposed? Possibly re-pot? Cut off the new stem with the shrivelled leaf? I’m watering about once a fortnight, saturating the soil and allowing excess to drain off. It’s not in direct light but just next to the window and it gets quite bright in the room. 



  • pews70pews70 Posts: 17
    Alocasia Zebrina, they lose a leaf when a new one starts, they reach for the light so might need moving lower down so that the leaves stick up.
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