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Please help me design 15m of planters!

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Hi, Where has yesterday’s sunshine gone?!

Complete novice Gardner here, thank you to those who helped on my last post about filling the planters. Now it’s time to get out and start buying my plants. 

 I have a rough idea of lavender, lupins/alliums, some grasses and would also like to find a nice white flower. We are also building a pergola for which the posts come out from the planters and am undecided on which climbers to use here. 

 Please could you recommend more specific types of these plants? Eg there are lots of different types of Lavender/grasses I’m not sure what would work best aesthetically and ease of looking after. 

 It is a north facing garden but as it’s long the planters are usually in the sun all day Spring-Autumn and only in shade in winter. Lastly how do I design the placement of them. 

Which plants and grasses would look best together/in which order would you put them and how far apart should I be spacing them out? I imagine there is a balance between giving them enough room to grow and ending up with gaps. 

 I have attached photos of our wet garden from this morning! We’re almost finished filling them. Thank you so much.


  • Roberts91Roberts91 Posts: 15
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    We have one of these of each side of the garden. Approx 7.5m each.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,932
    So long as the planters have a sunny aspect, you could go for this sort of mix - I grow all of them in my garden
    Verbena bonariensis (4-6ft)
    Calamagrostis × acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' (5ft)
    Stipa Tenuissima (2ft)
    Heliopsis Summer Nights (maybe use the Chelsea Chop to stop them getting too tall) (3-4ft with Chelsea Chop - 5-6ft without the Chop)
    Gaura The Bride for white flowers all summer long (3ft) really easy from seed and will flower the 1st year
    Hardy geraniums
    All of the above are perennials so will come up each year.
    You could fill in any gaps with summer bedding plants

    Billericay - Essex

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