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Cutting back meadow

I have a meadow but may not be able to cut it back before October. The usual recommendation is to cut back in July/August. Does anyone know what impact a much later cut would have? Many thanks.


  • CollareddoveCollareddove Posts: 135
    July/Aug would be far too early to cut my wildflower area, many wildflowers (knapweed in particular) still flowering well into September with butterflies in particular benefitting. Late Sept is the earliest for me (l'm in SE Wales).  
    I suppose if your wildflowers consist mostly of spring flowers then you would cut earlier - mine are mostly summer flowers.
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,405
    Mine is a perennial meadow rather than a cornfield meadow and the it has once or twice been cut back as late as February, to no detriment. Long, floppy, wet grass is very hard to cut properly!
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