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If I plant my young wisteria next to my trees to grow up will they complete with the roots or find their way? It also a partial sunny spot.


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    Yes, planting too close to the trees will mean it is always competing for nutrients and moisture and that's not good for a young plant trying to establish itself.   Planting it towards the edge of the tree canopy and with plenty of well-rotted manure and/or garden compost mixed into a well prepared planting hole will help it get established.

    Water it well beforehand, again after planting and throughout its first growing season.  Make sure you water it thru any future hot, dry spells for the next few years as it will take some years to get its roots down deep enough to withstand drought.

    Partial shade is not a problem as long as it is light.  I know of one growing very happily on a north west facing abbey wall in Lasne, Belgium but it does get plenty of light and rain. 

    You'll need to provide some support for the branches as they grow so you can then train them into the trees but do be aware that as they mature, wisteria stems and branches become very hard and woody and may strangle or weigh down the trees to the point of breaking branches.

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