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Any one here who love Bermuda grass planting?

depoksharma07depoksharma07 BangladeshPosts: 38
Hi everyone,
Recently I have change my house. In this new house I have a yard. Now I am planning to planting Bermuda grass, buffalo grass, blue grama and curly-mesquite. But I love Bermuda Grass most. So I am planning for planting Bermuda grass. So I was search on google for Bermuda grass pre emergent. In that article there are different weeds and seeds. Is that article giving me perfect advice?
If so then comment below which will help me a lot because I am beginner.
Thanks in Advance!


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,012
    Most of the Forum members are based in UK. 
    I think it's bests if you find more information locally. 
    We used to have an apartment in Goa and I think it was Bermuda grass they had there, but I can't give any real help, sorry.
  • depoksharma07depoksharma07 BangladeshPosts: 38
    Hi Hostafan1,
    Thanks for comment.
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