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Claire.BeeClaire.Bee Posts: 57
My dahlias should be between 90-120cm in height. At the moment they are only 30cm but already getting small flower buds on them. I was hoping for nice big plants with big flowers, any advice? I am in a friendly dahlia competition with family so any advice on growing would also be appreciated.


  • Is it the tubers first year? I have some  the same (although one Cambridge is starting to get up there) and all of them are newly bought, not big old tubers that have been in and out a few times.
  • B3B3 Posts: 25,306
    Sometimes, you've got to trust your plants to know what they're doing tk deal with the unusual conditions this year. Some of my plants are much  taller than usual and some aren't. If they're healthy,,  let them get on with it.
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  • Claire.BeeClaire.Bee Posts: 57
    Yes it is the tubers first year. I wasn't sure if cutting off the flower bud would put the energy back into the plant to keep it growing taller with bigger flowers?
  • As @B3 says, probably best let them get on with it. Maybe you’ll have shorter plants but maybe you’ll get better flowers and be happier in yourself anyway!
  • Claire.BeeClaire.Bee Posts: 57
    Will leave them to do their own thing then and see what happens.
  • AaronBilAaronBil Posts: 100
    They’ll be growing into October and with consistent dead heading it’ll definitely branch out and hit a meter no worries at all.
  • Claire.BeeClaire.Bee Posts: 57
    Ok great, will just keep watching them grow then. I can't wait for them to flower.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,269
    The heights and spread of plants are really only a guide. Your own conditions and climate will determine that. Young plants won't be the same size as more mature ones either   :)
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  • This year has affected all perennial plants. I had some dahlias in large pots left out all winter and some left in the ground. I have been surprised that the ones in pots survived at all and were first to show leaf growth. They then stopped growing for a few weeks before getting going again. My tubers in the garden were very slow to break leaf and have only just got going now and looking promising. I gave them all a feed in early Spring and have been battling with slugs and snails ever since they began showing green. The tubers in pots are nowhere near as bulky in growth this year, flower stems have appeared so I am just waiting to see how they all get on. The weather is definitely the offending party, such hot weather early on, monsoon conditions next, we also had storm force winds. I have never lost so many plants in one winter as I have this year. 
  • Claire.BeeClaire.Bee Posts: 57
    Where I am we had a really poor April and May so nothing really got going as it should. Will keep my fingers crossed.
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