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Cauli issues

Hello, I’ve decided to harvest my 4 caulis today (variety: all the year round). They started great but then stalled and looked as if they were bolting - whilst being quite small. Pics attached. 

Any ideas what I did wrong? They were grown in a busy salad bed so perhaps they didn’t get enough space. There were no root issues. I’m hoping they will still make for good eating!

The pics were taken after I took some outer leaves off. 

Many thanks. 


  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 273
    About the hardest vegetable to grow to harvest in my opinion.

    I think you may have planted it too soft, it really needs to be firmed in with the heel of your boot very firmly, I have seen this happen (open fonds) on other plots.

    At least you have avoided the dreaded caterpillars which I find difficult to avoid even with fleece covering!
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,500
    My normal source of advice, the Postie, told me that, unlike the main types of brassicas that benefit from alkaline soil, things like caulis and broccoli need more acid soil to help set the flowers/curds tightly for eating. 
  • enceladusenceladus Posts: 27
    @Braidman and @nick615, thanks very much for your advice. Will be trying again before the year is out and I will press them in hard! As well as maybe adding some ericaceous compost/ mulch. 
  • M-RuthM-Ruth Posts: 5
          I was going to ask about this as I get lots of green stuff and very little curd. So I will have another go next year with a firm boot.
  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 273
    Sorry only just saw this as my computer was down for a few days and have got another one!

    Thats right,get the boot in nice and hard!

    As usual they are all hearting up at once, have picked thee, very sweet, gave one and a large cabbage to my neighbour, to keep him sweet as well!
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