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Apple tree recommendations please

Mariam_86Mariam_86 Posts: 79

I’m looking for a dessert Apple tree to plant in a semi-shaded area. It will be planted directly in the ground but it is a narrow space: around 40 x 150cm.

A tree that produces apples that tastes similar to Gala or Braeburn would be great. I considered both these options but they don’t seem very easy to grow. 

I’m after a balance between a tasty apple and a tree that will be relatively disease resistant and thrive in semi-shade.

There’s an apple tree next door (half their tree is in our garden!) but I think (?) it may be better to opt for a self-fertile tree 



  • Mariam_86Mariam_86 Posts: 79
    Thanks for your reply and suggestions. What a beautiful little tree you have. 

    The aspect is east facing - so it gets morning sun. It’s also around two meters from the fence and there is a little shadow cast from the neighbours apple tree. I planted some marigolds in the spot I want plant the tree and they have just started to flower, so it does get some sun.

    With regards to Gala apples - I had ruled them out because they are not self-fertile and I had read that even if another Apple tree is close by, their pollination times need to be in synch for fruit to be produced. 
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