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Newbie tomato panic

So, last year i tried my hand at growing tomatoes. I built a greenhouse, and it all went well. Tomatoes were amazing, full of fruit, then it all went sideways wity grey mould and blight. Lost everything. To say i was unhappy is an understatement. 

So this year, im using grownbags again, but with halos to encourage deeper roots, and all was looking rosy, till the last 10 days. Im seeing a LOT of wilting/droopy/curling leaves, and these brown/gold issues mostly at the top. 

They are alicante and moneymaker. Planted when about 12" tall, started feeding when flowers appeared. 

Im nervous im not watering enough.
Im nervous im over watering. 
Im nervous its another virus
Im nervous its going to be a repeat of last year and im going to lose everything again.

The full length door is open most days for good ventilation, closed at night, but always condensation in the morning.

I dont know what im doing and starting to panic...

Any help and advice would be VERY much appreciated. 

Thank you


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,198
    Don't worry too much.  :)
    Some damaged, browning foliage is perfectly normal as the plants grow. If they're in a greenhouse, it's quite easy for them to get really hot and then frazzled, but if you get a lot of hot sunny days, you may find it beneficial to use shading. A wee bit of fried foliage won't cause any long term problems though.

    If you were getting moulds etc, it suggests that ventilation and airflow weren't good enough. Keep them a good distance apart, and if you're getting a lot of condensation in the morning, you may need to leave vents open overnight too.
    Try not to water later in the day if that's something you're doing - that will help to avoid too much moisture being trapped, and it's better for toms to be on the dry side, rather than too wet. They don't want to be sitting in permanently damp soil   :)
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  • Thank you! Definitely increased ventilation this year, even if my chillis are slightly unimpressed.

    I'll try not to worry as much. We grew SO MANY tomatoes as kids and i don't ever remember these issues.
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