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Moving a Rose

WhippetWhippet Posts: 145
I have a lovely Rose named Joro which was sold as a climber but it isn't.  In the Autumn the plan is to move it into another bed and I'd like to replace it with a climbing rose to cover the fence.  I read somewhere that its a bad idea to put a new rose into the same spot that another has been growing in.  Does that apply to all roses or only if they have a disease? There is nothing wrong with Joro, its full of lovely blooms and is perfectly healthy.  Advice please.


  • RobmarstonRobmarston Posts: 338
    Yes, you shouldn’t plant in the same hole. If you need to, you should change all the soil and use mychorrizal fungi on the roots. Even then, it may take a year or two to settle in and start to look well again. 
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,511
    It depends on how long it’s been there - if less than a year you are probably fine to plant straight in as rose replant disease won’t have gotten a hold. I usually do as Rob suggests anyway, just to be on the safe side. RRD is a kind of soil sickness, not a disease of the actual rose plant - can happen with any rose.

    According to t’internet, Joro is a bush rose, an orange hybrid tea with a maximum height of around a metre, so it shouldn’t have been sold to you as a climber, which it isn’t!
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  • WhippetWhippet Posts: 145
    Robmarston and Nollie,
    Thankyou both for your wisdom.  I have sent for some RHS endorsed mycorrhizal fungus rootgrow thing.
    Joro is about that height and a mass of beautiful blooms. This is its second summer.
    I think that someone looked at it before and put it back in the wrong place. I bought it from a 'one man band' nursery where Roses were in 'Climbers' 'hybrid tea' 'Ramblers' groups and the name of the rose on each one but nothing more.
    The others are Gentle Hermoine, Compassion and Generous Gardener all of which are climbing nicely. Four will hide the fence panel in due course all being well so will find another to take Joros place. This is a new garden started from scratch.
    Thankyou for your advice, much appreciated  :)

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