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Snake plant new shoots

I have had a snake plant (rounded stems, not the wide flat variety) since last November. If has lots of new shoots coming up. My father in law suggested I could just pull one up and repot it. Does anyone know if this is correct? I have read about cutting with a sharp knife and rooting, but if I just pull it up would it bring roots with it?


  • msqingxiaomsqingxiao North LondonPosts: 346
    I think I have exactly the same plant (African spear). I'd try lifting the whole thing up from the pot, dividing its roots, and repotting separately. 
  • AthelasAthelas CambridgeshirePosts: 646
    edited July 2021
    This link shows pictures and describes how to do what @msqingxiao mentioned — I’ve done it a couple of times now and it works. I bought a small bag of peat free compost for succulents and another one of horticultural grit from a garden centre and mixed them up to use in the pots.

    The plants shown in the link are the flat kind, but it should work the same for rounded varieties.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,405
    I split mine every few years. I wait until it’s almost bursting out of the pot then I take it out of the pot,  get an old bread knife and slice it downwards into a half or into three and pot them up. 
    Very straightforward. 😊 
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