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Is this American Pillar rose

KitBMillerKitBMiller Posts: 33
Hi, we think this is American Pillar, but other's report having one that has a different colour and slightly different shaped leaves.  This one has 5 petals, its definately a rambler with one flush of flowers and it extends 6 metres plus as it scrambles through a tree.  Thanks


  • ImprevuImprevu Posts: 137
    I’m absolutely not the rose expert and I have never seen an American pillar irl. I believe AP has also thorns. 

    but could it be Kew Rambler? 
    It is definitely not maria Lisa, also single pink flowers  ( I have that against a wall)

  • Lena_vs_DeerLena_vs_Deer Posts: 203

    APs I had seen have much darker leaves, almost oak green. There may be a margin for new growth, but there doest seem to be any on a bottom of the plant that by now should have been dark. So that would be my first tip off. 

    They’re also more red-ish pink rather than fuchsia or magenta. But then again, it depends on accuracy of photo. Sometimes I really struggle capture nuances of color on roses myself :) 

  • KitBMillerKitBMiller Posts: 33
    Hi, it does have thorns. It looks like Kew rambler too but I think its a deeper pink.  I think my photo is a good representation of the colour, but this one is not strongly scented. Someone else has questioned the leaf shape and colour too.  
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