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Plum/Greengage Pruning

februarysgirlfebruarysgirl LeicesterPosts: 571
I planted a couple of plum (Victoria and Csar) and greengage trees in December 2019 which were all two years old at the time. I didn't touch them at all last year as they hadn't been in the ground that long but I'm now looking at tidying them up. There's been A LOT of new growth this year and it's all very haphazard. There are some small lower branches I want to get rid of but there is a slight issue with the greengage. There isn't a lot of fruit on it this year and some of it is on the branches I want to remove. From what I've read, now seems to be the optimum time to prune but I really don't want to lose the few greengages I have. Can pruning be left until after fruiting or am I just going to have to suck it up?
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