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Recover Shrubs

NorthernJoeNorthernJoe Posts: 660
We've had shrubs and trees that had grown into each other. We cut down a few because they weren't doing well and were growing into a better prospect. We now have shrubs that are ok from one side but very gappy from the other. In one case very bad way. It's there anything I can do to help?

Not sure of all the species but I know there's a choisia and I think Euronymous, cotoneaster, etc.

Some, the choisia, is bare branch one side and nearly got chopped out. Others have already sorted themselves out because they only had another shrubs branches growing through. Once removed they grew to fill those small gaps. It's the ones a bit bare on one side through to the choisia that's almost devastated. They're all still growing well.


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,527
    edited July 2021
    Given time most of the shrubs you have mentioned will fill out on the gappy side.
    It may take a while,maybe even years!
    If they are growing well they should be OK,you will just need a gardeners patience!!
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857
    Pruning out the tips of the stems on the lush side may hasten the process of awakening dormant buds on the bare side but otherwise yes, you need to cultivate patience and give them time to respond to the new availability of light and air.
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  • NorthernJoeNorthernJoe Posts: 660
    Thanks everyone. Impatience is not a good gardening trait i reckon.
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