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MrmentionMrmention Posts: 3
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Apologies Newbie here.. Have 3 sections of my garden looking for ideas on. Chalky ground but soil seems neutral. I like hardy/perennials with colour and good for bees if possible.

1. Under hedge - currently wild growth. Rotate pic 90 degrees clockwise. Sunny/partially shaded. Space is up to 1.5ft tall. Not keen on climbers or snowdrops as read on another post. Perhaps hardy geraniums?

2. Sunny flower bed. Currently has rose bushes, daffodils in spring. Thinking of lavender and rose campions at back. Not sure in between or front.

3. Small shaded walkway under large rose bush, next to apple tree and St Johns Wort I think and decorative conifers. Not sure along this pathway. Were some snowdrops/bulbs in spring.

Want to plant ferns/astilbe/bleeding hearts on the other side - currently looks like this 

Any ideas much appreciated!!!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,821
    I suggest you have a look at this feature on the RHS website - - which lets you search plants based on available light, aspect, soil, moisture levels, colour, type and size 

    The other thing to do is to visit lots of gardens and take a camera so you can see how other people combine plants in similar conditions and situations and take photos of pleasing combos and plant labels.

    The best time to plant is autumn, while the soil is still warm and there's plenty of rain to settle roots in well so that gives you time to research plants, clear weeds and improve the soil.  In the meantime, you could just fill those gaps with cheap and cheerful summer annuals.
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    Hi @Mrmention,

    This site is really useful for ideas for shady areas ..... epimediums are my go to plants for the sort of situation you have there.

    For your sunny bed, salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' would work well with the other plants you have in mind.

    Bee x
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  • MrmentionMrmention Posts: 3
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    Thanks to both of you!
    Have seen RHS website and Gardenia is good too.
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