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forkinallotment19forkinallotment19 South Yorkshire, UKPosts: 6
Hi am a new member, but not a new gardener, my name is Chris, I am a gardening/allotment blogger/youtuber from South Yorkshire, UK

I have had my allotment for over 4 years now, this year we are going to make some changes to the way we arrange the allotment, we are going for flower beds & paths down both sides of the plot and one large central bed for all veg (sectioned for making crop rotation easier)

We also have a greenhouse, polytunnel, 2 sheds and a chicken coop and large chicken run with 5 chickens (Breeds: Frizzle Jersey Giant, Rhode Island Red, Cream Legbar, White Star & Welsummer)

I look forward to getting involved in the discussions here


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