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Hello everyone, This beastie is everywhere, beans, fruit, flowers... Is it a good/bad one??? Thank y


  • TackTack Central South UKPosts: 896
    edited June 2021
    Ladybird juvenile/larva, which is great,  Harlequin variety I think, which is not so good as not native. I have very many on my roses and as a result hardly any aphids.

    Guide to the Ladybird Larvae of the British Isles by Peter Brown et al
  • Retro1951Retro1951 Posts: 90
    Thanks Tack, never knew, never thought either....
  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,164
    It looks like it’s hunkering down to go through the pupal stage. (the stage between the creepy crawly stage and being a proper ladybird)

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • forkinallotment19forkinallotment19 South Yorkshire, UKPosts: 6
    100% ladybird, looking at the colour and markings it's a harlequin (Harmonia axyridis) although not a native species (and does kill some native ladybirds, as well as cannibalising its own kind too), it chiefly feeds on aphids (and scale insects, eggs & larvae of butterflies & moths and other small insects) so can be a potential helper in the garden

    Although there were fears the Harlequin would outcompete the native ladybirds and kill them off, this has so far not been true and they have not caused a decline in the native ladybirds

    They are also not a threat to humans, despite several rumours that they are poisonous or carry an STD

    Sorry for the essay, lol
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  • Retro1951Retro1951 Posts: 90
    Hello Everyone,
    Thank you for your helpful input. Thank you so much, definitely a very helpful 'bunch'!!!
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