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Please can anyone identify this willow tree?

Hi please could anyone identify this tree for me.  I would greatly appreciate it! 
I love the look of it when the sunlight in the evening shimmers though it so I took some cuttings and popped them in water while it was hot - only for them all to root and they are potted up.
Only afterwards have I thought it may be a thug that is grafted onto a smaller rootstock to keep it small? any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as I only wanted to clone it and not by mistake release a beast! haha - especially as I now have 5 of them!
It is yellow coloured and very supple when the branches are young so it looks lovely even when the leaves are not on!. Photos enclosed


  • It's possible it's a young weeping willow that has been pollarded and is then cut back annually in spring. It's hard to tell when it's been pollarded how its natural form would be but weeping willows (an other varieties) have yellow stems. 

    If it's near house foundations I would have it out. Beautiful as it may be, it wants to be a much bigger tree and its root system will be looking for moisture.
  • oops! i never thought it could be a weeping willow (it was planted by a previous occupant)! .... looks like i might have to find 5 new homes for the cuttings! haha
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