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why do my plants keep being in bad condition?

soursossoursos Posts: 2
Hello, my plants keep dying even though i really try to be following the intructions of the people in the plant stores i m buying them from. I feel like they will suffer either from too much water, either from too few water. At this point i cant understand what is going on, i uploaded 2 pics of my plants that are doing bad for reasons i cant understand. First of all, apparently the size of the pot was the reason for my overwatering. The bigger one was overwatered, while the smaller one was underwatered. Or at least thats what the (so called?) florist said, since a few plants of mine died right after a few days which he came to say that they were fine. Is the size of the pot more important than the size of the plant for watering? But anyway, my problem remains that even when i stopped watering the overwatered one, and started watering more the underwatered one, i was still having problems, i see leaves keep dying in the smaller one with no new ones growing, some branches even turned yellow, i had to cut 2 of them cause they dried for real and probably i will cut the other one i guess since its following the same pattern. Is the problem now that i switched from underwatering it to overwatering it abruptly or what? About the bigger one, i havent watered it since then and indeed, the mud hasnt seemed to have dried up even after more than a month or so that has passed i think. But then, why does the few leaves that have been left on it start turning yellow too and there are no signs of new growth? I also had a sansevieria and a few cactus that turned mushy and died, apparently that means overwatering, even though i was just following instructions. At this point, i desperately need some proper advice. How to save the remaining plants and how much and how often should i be watering them from now on? I really think that the problem lies on the water, at least for the ones that already died the reason was too much water, besides, there is good temperature in the room, there is some sunlight but not too much on it, and i often open the windows to renew the air. If you could provide some tips for these plants first and foremost, but also overall tips for watering cactus and sansevieria, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,161
    It's more about when the plant actually needs to be watered than having a set watering regime. You should poke your finger into the soil and when the top one of two centimetres of compost is dry, then give it a drink. Make sure that any excess water can drain out of the bottom so that the roots don't sit in water.
    Are you sure the plant is getting enough light? It looks a bit dark in your photo.
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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,658
    It looks like lack of light to me as well.
  • As @B3 and @fidgetbones have said they both need more sunlight and only water when the compost is dry.  :)
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,092
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    The best way to avoid over and under watering is to dunk the whole pot in a bucket of water so the surface of the compost is just under water.  You then wait till no more air bubbles appear - matter of seconds, not minutes - then leave the pot to drain before putting it back in its cache-pot or saucer so it doesn't sit in a puddle.  

    I agree that your plants look starved of light so try and find a better lit position but not in direct sunlight.
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  • soursossoursos Posts: 2
    @B3 @fidgetbones @Sunflower26 @Obelixx Thanks for all your responces. When i bought them i was notified that they dont need a lot of light and its better to have them in the spot where they are not hit directly from sunlights. However, when i open the curtains i felt like enough sunlight was entering. Shall i move them to a different spot then, even though this might stress them out, or at least keep more open curtains during the day when i can? Generally, what are the symptoms i should look for in a plant that let me know that they need more light? One last thing, do you all thing i m write in my suspicion that the plant on the first pic needed less water while the one on the second pic needed less?
  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,266
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    “ do you all thing i m write in my suspicion that the plant on the first pic needed less water while the one on the second pic needed less?”

    Frankly, no. My suspicion is that they need much more light as others have said. My guess is both are over-watered but, again as has been said, the test is to pop your finger in the pot. If there is dampness 2 cm down do not water until that zone feels quite dry.
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,092
    I put nearly all my houseplants outside for the summer once night time temps are warm enough not to frighten them.    They go on a north facing terrace so plenty of light but no direct sun except for the hibiscus siniensis which can cope with Caribbean sun.

    Yours look like jungle canopy plants so need dappled light but not such low light levels that they are unable to photosynthesise effectively and end up looking thin, bedraggled and feeble like yours.
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