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Tree ID?


Can anybody tell me what kind of tree this is?  A mate of mine has said it's a Hornbeam, but I'm not so sure, as it looks somewhat different to a hornbeam we have elsewhere in our garden.


  • I think it may be Sorbus torminalis, the wild service tree or chequer tree. Do the leaves turn yellow in autumn? Does the bark on the trunk look flaky? I have a few of these in our wood and that's my best guess. Looks nothing like other trees in the sorbus family.
  • Scrub the earlier suggestion. More likely Sorbus aria. White undersides to the leaves?
  • The bark, is a sort of shiny brown & unflaky, if anything.  Thx Rachel.  As for the leaves, I don't think they turn yellow?  Berries are certainly comparable though.
  • Ahh, they are much brighter green?  

  • paulpuk2000paulpuk2000 Posts: 93
    edited June 2021
    So a Whitebeam, rather than a Hornbeam?  That looks like it may be it.  It has white flowers too.  Are they related, Whitebeam & Hornbeam?

    Thanks Rachel, for pointing me in the right direction !
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