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Raising lawn in places


We have a lawn area that has sunk in places, it's 8-10cm lower than I would like tapering to nothing or next to nothing at the edges.  The area is approx 4 by 3 meters we have stepping stones sunk to grass level running through and it's relatively high traffic.  The dog is in this area as well but hasn't dug another area I have recently lumped topsoil into.

I wonder if I can simply add topsoil to the lower portions of the lawn tread in add the stepping stones back as appropriate and rake and in time reseed the areas where the grass doesn't grow back.

Or can someone advise me on the best way to lift the turf (add topsoil underneath) and make sure I get the best results?


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 8,786
    Add topsoil a little at a time so that the grass isn't completely buried, and wait until it's grown through and rooted into the new soil before adding the next layer. Basically it's a heavy top-dressing on the low areas. That way you won't have to reseed, but it will be a gradual process, and up to you at which point you lift the stepping stones and fill in underneath.
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