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Brown spots on tomato plant leaves

About ten days ago, I planted some grafted tomato plants (crimson plum and moneymaker) and yesterday discovered the lower leaves of the crimson plum plants have brown spots and yellowing of leaves. What May be the cause? It was very wet soon after planting them. I have lots of tomato plants from seed that look fine. My neighbours potato plants look similar (top photo).


  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 294
    It looks like Septoria It doesn't affect the fruit it starts at the lower leaves the creeps up thee is no cure for it, if you google brown spots on tomato leaves it tells quite a lot of what too do to try and prevent it. Are yours planted outside and in the same spot without changing the soil?, it doesn't seem such a problem if the tomatoes are grown in pots especially if you are using fresh compost every year.
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