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Hakonechloa Macra All Gold

LatimerLatimer Posts: 1,046
Hi all

I picked up this Hakonechloa Macra All Gold from the garden center a couple of years from the bargain shelves.

I've tried planting it in big pots and small pots, kept it in the sun and in the shade but I just can't seem to get it growing. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve no idea what I’m doing. 


  • Bright starBright star Posts: 1,153
    It prefers shade, they are very slow growing but worth the wait. 
    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,502
    Mine gets full sun, but it is planted in very damp soil. Not sure quite how old it is, but is a relatively recent plant and has grown to be very large. Was weeding by it today and it is looking wonderful. 2 smaller ones taken from it are not doing quite so well. Their soil is still damp, but it is unremitting clay, not quite as good as the main plant which is a natural sort of clarty, peaty soil in my bog garden.
  • LatimerLatimer Posts: 1,046
    @Bright star they are lovely which is why the lack of growth is so frustrating!

    @Buttercupdays, my garden is all clay so who knows how it'll fair. I might just stick it in the ground and see how it goes!
    I’ve no idea what I’m doing. 
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,824
    We've had ours for 15 years.  It has grown, but very, very slowly indeed and is still only a moderately sized clump.  If you follow the above advice about shade and damp soil (ideally both) then you will stand a better chance of it growing more quickly.
  • Bright starBright star Posts: 1,153
    I was wondering about adding a couple more plants to mine to bulk it up more quickly, it was only a 9cm pot originally. The wonderful photos we see of these plants are probably much older plants or a group planted together 😆
    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,302
    I have 'Aureola' and I originally put it in a pot as it had quite long, drapey leaves and I wanted to raise it up. When it came back the next year it had more 'normal' length leaves but I liked it in the pot so kept it. By the following year it had grown enough to need dividing so I halved it, but half back in the pot and split the other half into 4, gave my sister one and put the other 3 into a partly shaded-bed expecting them to grow as quickly as their parent/sibling. But they are very slow and only starting to approach a decent shape now. It is quite a dry bed so I have to water them a lot and the dryness may be the reason for their slow growth. But anyway, for me a pot has-been much more successful - the part in the original pot is looking like I might divide it again next year.
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