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New patio Jonagold growing one sided!

Hello everyone. I recently bought 2 Jonagold patio tree plants and they seem to be doing quite well (even the green/black fly seem to have gone!) But they both seem to be growing on one side.....I turn them regularly in case they are looking for the sun, but not sure if I should prune them back at all. Any help would be appreciated, thank you x


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,164
    edited June 2021
    The pots seem to be on the small side but will do for a couple of years, temporarily.

    Remove those nasty canes and hard bits of plastic tie.

    Get a 1” stake for each tree, as long as the height of the tree is from the patio.  Insert the stakes into the pots about 4” away from the trunk, avoiding major roots if possible.

    Take a pair of old tights and cut lengths from them 2’x4” in size.  Tie one piece of old tights to the tree half way up the main trunk, then make a loose figure of eight and tie the rest of it to the tree. Trim off the excess.

    Take more pieces of the tights and tie one of the main branches to the stake in the same way, pulling the branch towards the vertical. 

    Position the trees so that the “flat” sides are facing south. This will encourage them to grow in that direction.

    It will take a season or maybe two for the tree to get the idea.
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  • bonnie102bonnie102 Posts: 6
    Thank you @pansyface . The pots they are in are actually like half a plastic dustbin lol, so really quite large.....maybe the photos don't show that. I will use some of the tips you have offered. Thank you very much for the reply x
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