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What is Wrong With My Pygmy Date Palm?

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    I have different palms, but spots look like cross-species fungal blight damage since stem is attacked by it.
    . Leaf edges likely we’re infected by scissor used to cut them and spread it all over. Do you spray your palms occasionally by any chance? Or splash water on stems while watering ? That did it to my old palm)) they like their feet well watered, but really hate moisture on leaves and get fungal fast. 
    Deficiency on palms usually looks more like yellow spots that are transparent when you look at leaf from the bottom (especially potassium) and spreads through the leaf without dry spots at first, so it’s unlikely a deficiency on photo.
    But I hope someone has this exact palm variety and they can be more precise about what’s happening to it! 
    I would just sterilize tools, prune, feed and wait for new growth. You could spray it with fungicide, but even if it stops it from spreading there still may be spores left and damage won’t go away anywhere . Same goes for deficiency, it will only show result on new leaves unfortunately 

    Also on photo area is a bit blurry, but looks like can be additionally some parasites?  Lots of white specks that are hard to identify 

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