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Training climbers (passion flower)

Anyone have any advise on how to train a passion flower to climb up a brick wall?

I have read the advise on RHS website and watched some videos. I have inserted hooks into the brick wall to tie string to .

I bought 2 plants that came bound to 4 teepee like bamboo sticks.

I've attached some of the off shoots to the string. I started to untwine one plant with a view to attach the stems to the wall in a fan like shape, but when I started to unravel the plant, it was hard to untangle it and it completely lost its shape. I'm wondering whether I should have left it attached to the bamboo sticks for longer, so I tied some stems back to the bamboo. 

The advise on RHS says to lean the bamboo sticks against the wall under the string but the sticks are too short and too far away from the wall to do that. 

I'm wondering if I planted the plants too far away from the wall. However, the advise was to not plant too close, so therefore I gave it some room.

Any advise on what I should do to get a fanned horizontally finish across my wall? 
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