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Fire Blight on Pyracantha?

techskeltechskel Posts: 37
edited June 2021 in Plants
My two Pyracantha leaves have been going brown & dropping off gradually over spring.
 It flowered well but now some of the berries are drying up. 
Most of the brown leaves are off & the top newer growth looks bare compared to further down. 

 Its in a south facing area against a wall & gets morning sun. 
I first thought it was underwaterd so I upped the watering to everyday in the hot weather.
 Its in a south facing area against a wall & gets morning sun.
I'd be sad to loose them as the bees love them but I have a crab apple near them and two apple trees in the garden.
Also I've just remembered that across the backs privet hedge had what looked like the same issue but they cut away the part that was coming into my garden & the hedge looks healthy now.
I've tried to resize the pictures, hopefully enough. 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,926
    Bumping this up as l'm not 100% sure ,but l was wondering if maybe it is suffering from pyracantha scab ?

    How old is the plant, and have you ever pruned it ?
  • techskeltechskel Posts: 37
    Sorry for the late reply. That plant is 3 years old. It was a tiny one bough for £1.50 in Morrisons.
    I haven't pruned it but since this post I have pruned it back about a foot to tidy it up & get off most of the worst parts. 

    I hadn't thought of scab, I shall take a look at that link.
    Thank you. 
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