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Grape vine

pclark42pclark42 Frolesworth, EnglandPosts: 150
I have had my vine in the ground for coming up 2 years now, the root is outside and the vine is inside my polytunnel, it seemed to start well apart from leaves turning brown due to hot weather last year, I have used a liquid horse manure to feed it, and mulched it over winter, however it seems to be struggling to grow, it is now about a metre tall and very green, it is well watered, but it just does not appear to be happy, any suggestions?


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,388
    A photo would help with any diagnosis.
  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 1,517
    What vine is it?
    We have outdoor vines for wine making and they have been established for about 20 years.
    We have vines in a greenhouse for eating and again these are about 20 years old.
    Last year was the first time we couldn't harvest the eating ones as mildew was so bad. We are summer pruning more to allow better ventilation.
    Also the wine ones suffered last year so again we are summer pruning more to allow better air flow.
    They are all producing flowers and have been pollinated.
    We don't fertilise any of the plants.
    We take off lower new growths of the vines inside and out.
    Hopefully this year will be better.
  • pclark42pclark42 Frolesworth, EnglandPosts: 150
    It's a red eating and I have forgotten the name, I pruned it and I left only 2 stems to grom, was this correct?
  • pclark42pclark42 Frolesworth, EnglandPosts: 150
    Photo tomorrow
  • pclark42pclark42 Frolesworth, EnglandPosts: 150
    The tape is not touching the vine it was there holding the canes last year and I didn't wish to disturb the vine, I have not got anything tied to the vine, there are strings and cords for it to climb up, I noticed this morning that it is wrapped around one of the tunnel poles, but seems OK, it looks quite healthy but it never seems to grow more than a metre tall, am I doing something wrong?
  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 1,517
    It is still a young plant and it does look healthy.
    Is your polytunnel well ventilated?
    We have one and this year is has got very hot even though we ventilate it.
    Our red eating grape is in a lean too greenhouse and this doesn't get anywhere near as hot. They are planted in the soil of the GH.
    Is yours in a pot?
    If so could it be planted in the ground?
  • pclark42pclark42 Frolesworth, EnglandPosts: 150
    No I did say in the initial post the root is in the ground outside of the tunnel, and at the moment i leave the door open
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