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Replacement bird feeding station

Morning everyone.  I had a beautiful, large lilac tree which also acted as a feeding station for wild birds, protection from their predators and it also hid an ugly big wall.  Unfortunately the other night it crashed to the ground  and we discovered it was rotten throughout.  In fact we think it was the ivy keeping it upright!  

We’ve removed it and are now left with a bare, ugly wall with nowhere to hang the bird feeders.  Any suggestions please as to what I can place there that will act as cover for birds, somewhere to hang bird feeders and something to cover the bare wall (quickly).  Our garden is west facing and the site in question gets sun pretty much all day.  We’ve thought about trellis and a climber and a stand-alone bird feeding station but there wouldn’t be the protection for birds.  It’s a relatively small garden so predatory birds would have difficulty swooping.  We’ve been in the house 21 years and have only seen a bird of prey in the garden 3 times.  Should we concentrate on feeding the birds and not worry too much about their safety?  There is a lot of ivy and other areas birds can go to for protection around the garden.  The OH thinks I worry too much but I love my birds 😊  The first two pics show the level of cover the birds have and the last is where the lilac once stood! 

All/any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance. 


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,357
    A trellis and a climber like Trachelospermum  with a free standing feeder would be fine.
    My bird feeder stands on its own in the middle of the terrace, but there are trees and shrubs a short flight away and it is always busy. We do have sparrow hawks but they have never bothered the bird feeders and stay well away from humans!
  • debs64debs64 Posts: 4,731
    My birds are not happy away from shelter, have you considered a buddleia? Cheap and quick growing and beloved by bees and butterflies? My birds perch in mine and then fly to and from the feeding station nearby. 
  • AllyblueeyesAllyblueeyes Posts: 399
    Thank you @Buttercupdays and @debs64.  My garden is only approx. 20’ wide by 50’ long and the ivy covered arch is midway down the garden so shelter is never far away.   I already have two buddleia Debs so haven’t room for another, sadly as I love them.  I will though, place a feeder in the existing buddleia (never thought of that).   I think I’ll go with a stand-alone feeder, trellis and maybe a climbing rose for the wall.  I think I was after reassurance as I felt so guilty.  The baby starlings and sparrows have been looking for ‘their’ tree 🥺.  Thank you both 💚
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