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Dizzy over decking

TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957
edited June 2021 in Tools and techniques

I've never had decking and now I have two lots to deal with.

I've jet washed it as it was covered in algae etc when we moved in in April (I know this because I fell over twice on it!!).

It's looking so much better since it was blasted but now I don't know what to do with it.

I'm not one for artificial anything so I don't want to colour it.  Wood is beautiful so no need to alter the colour etc.

I've narrowed it down to oil or sealant (which I'm led to believe stops water soaking into the wood and causing rot) but surely oil would do the same thing?

So that's my question really.  Do I oil or seal?

Has anyone used both and is one better than the other?

I go on google to try and figure it out but end up with a headache.

Any help, as always, will be very much appreciated. 


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 757
    We have finally got rid of the 18 yearold deck we inherited. Part of it under a sycamore tree. It was stained at first, I believe it was a “proper” deck stain. Over the years W e cleaned it with propriety cleaner to no avail. It was regularly stained which only seemed to last 2 years before it went very patchy and looked a mess. Eventually we gave up on staining and left it natural. Made the mistake of pressure washing it too harshly which gave the surface the appearance of suede. That allowed even more micro surface for algae to grow. We could clear the algae effectively with Algon. The wood finally stared to rot in places so up it came. 
    Sorry I’m not offering help just sharing an experience of deck care. Good luck.
  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957

    I'm not sure how old mine is but it looks to be in good condition now that the layers of algae and stain/paint have been removed @Bilje

    I don't believe I jet washed it too harshly as the wood still looks like it should (smooth and, well, decking looking).

  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 2,795
    Hi James, this comprehensive guide recommends decking oil and it sounds quite convincing!  Hope this helps. Decking Treatment Advice | How to Maintain & Care for Decking (
    Wirral. Sandy, free draining soil.

  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957
    @Plantminded THANK YOU! This is what I was searching for (in vain).  I kept getting sucked into ads for R*nseal etc.

    We've got rain tomorrow then around 10 days of sunshine so I know what I'll be doing.... :)
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 2,795
    Great, I'm glad it helped.  Now the quest to find the best oil!  Good luck with your project.
    Wirral. Sandy, free draining soil.

  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,214
    Hello @JamesS-B   We use a mixture of  two thirds linseed oil to one third turps.  Comes up a treat!
    Good luck.
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957
    @tui34 Thank you.  That sounds like a much cheaper way.  I shall have a look
  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,214
    It is cheaper and as effective.  Linseed is good for the wood - to smells good too!
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • FireFire Posts: 17,403
    I use wood preservative - not an oil or a sealant. I think the main thing is to stick to the one approach you choose and not mix them up.
  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957
    Thanks @Fire
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